Stalk It's reputation of quality and durability began in the early years of longboarding when Lane Segerstrom designed and built his first longboard in 2010.  And with years of experience in testing and

perfecting our board designs and construction methods, we’ve taken this experience and introduced it to the world of surfing, skiing and snowboarding, applying the same integrated CornBoard   Technology to each board.



ZEA HOME is a full line of indoor / outdoor home furnishing and living accessories that are created from CornBoard   material.  Our unique slotted designs allow for the furniture to be assembled in minutes without nails, screws or adhesives.  And it arrives in flat packaging, further reducing the need for waste. 


OEM Press Systems has designed and manufactured Hydraulic Press systems and Vacuum Press systems for over 25 years.  It is recognized as a global leader in the design, prototype and manufacture of such systems across industries, including the military, aerospace, industrial, and medical fields.  As well, OEM Press Systems is involved in the customized engineering of press systems for specialized applications.  These presses have assisted universities, R&D organizations and industries for a wide variety of specialized and tailored applications.


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