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What is CornBoard   ?

CornBoard    is a GREEN wood alternative made from a bio-mass residue, corn stover.  CornBoard    is produced by taking an overabundant and underutilized bio-mass material from the corn stover and turning it into a building material that is an economical and an environmentally responsible alternative to pressed wood products. The process to make CornBoard    was developed, refined and patented by leading researchers at the University of Illinois.




Create a bridge to the human experience by innovating solutions that reduce our global footprint through 

environmental, sustainable and socially responsible leadership.


Founder & CEO - Lane Segerstrom

In today's economy, it is about more than starting a business and making a profit; it is about leaving a Carbon Legacy  . Being aware of the impact we have on our environment and the people around us, challenges us to innovate and improve. 

We have a passion for making a positive contribution to mankind. Our goal is to have one good practice lead to another good practice, and the domino effect of good practices will ultimately make a great difference. By adopting this attitude we have established a culture that will cultivate long-term partnership's, community support and involvement, and a great future for generations to come. All without compromising profitability for all involved.




The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

                                - Thomas A. Edison.

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