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Our company specializes in the manufacturing of alternative pressed wood boards, utilizing stover sourced from corn fields. Our process involves pressing these husks and leaves into durable and eco-friendly boards that serve as sustainable alternatives to traditional wood products.


We procure corn stover from local farms or agricultural cooperatives. The husk, leaves, comb and stalk are a underutilized byproduct of corn cultivation, making them abundant and readily available.



After the corn is collected, the left over stover is baled into large round bales using specialized balers, facilitating easier handling, storage, and transportation of the harvested material.​ The bales of corn stover are loaded onto trailers and are directly transported to the manufacturing facility. 


Upon arrival at the manufacturing facility, corn stover bales undergo inspection to ensure quality. Following inspection, the stover is seperated to eliminate impurities and foreign objects. Extracted fibers are then combined with a eco-friendly binder to form a uniform mixture, pressed, and molded into dense boards, ensuring optimal strength and sustainability.

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